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Nopalogy: Celebrating Culture and Nutrition

At Nopalogy, we embrace the essence of Mexico's rich heritage and combine it with the power of authentic, natural ingredients. Founded by two hermanos, Uriel and Omar, Nopalogy is more than just a beverage company; it's a celebration of cultura and nutrition, all in one sparkling can.



Two hermanos, Uriel and Omar, grew up savoring the mouthwatering nopal dishes lovingly prepared by their mom, Magdalena – a true culinary genius. As sons of Mexican immigrants, they understood the value of a healthy diet, and the superfood nopal played a central role. Inspired by their mom's nourishing recipes, Uriel and Omar embarked on a mission to share the incredible health benefits of nopal with the world.



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For Uriel, Nopalogy means "no apology" for being all-natural and authentic. We take pride in sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to deliver a pure and delicious taste experience in every can.


And for Omar, Nopalogy is the "study of nopal" – an exploration of this amazing superfood's potential to boost overall well-being. With every sip, we infuse our beverages with the goodness of nopal and carefully chosen botanicals, real fruit juices, and probiotics.


Our Passion for health

In 2020, while enjoying a mouthwatering nopal dish lovingly prepared by their mom, the idea struck them – why not create a beverage that captures the essence of nopal's health benefits in a convenient, on-the-go format? And so, the journey of Nopalogy began.

Our functional sparkling waters – Immunity, Energy, and Digestion – are crafted to boost your well-being while tantalizing your taste buds. With real fruit juices, botanicals, and probiotics, every flavor is a fusion of culture and natural goodness.

See the difference...
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Image by Miguel Urieta

Culture and Nutrition

Nopalogy goes beyond a beverage brand; it's a celebration of Mexican heritage and the wonders of nopal cactus. We take pride in supporting local Mexican communities and preserving their traditions.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to share the magic of nopal with the world. We want to make it enjoyable and easily accessible to everyone, honoring our roots and embracing our future.

Cheers to Salud!

Join us on this flavor-filled journey of culture and nutrition. Raise your Nopalogy can and toast to Salud, a healthier and more vibrant you!

© Copyright Nopalogy 2023. All rights reserved. Images used with permission.

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